Trondheim, Norway

My partner and I embarked on the grand adventure of living in Norway for four months (essentially the fall semester).  He was doing research at NTNU, the major university in Trondheim.  Since Norway is a civilized country, they offered a spousal allowance in the grant for me to accompany him.  So I took a semester off school myself.

My partner is severely gluten-sensitive.  He has gotten sick several times just by sitting at a table at work where someone ate pizza or sandwiches, or grading papers with crumbs on them, and absentmindedly touching his face or handling his own food. We keep the entire house strictly gluten-free, after a full decontamination when he was first diagnosed five years ago.  (A shout-out to our marvelous group of tabletop gamers, who have been willing to only bring gluten-free snacks to our bimonthly game!)  I avoid eating gluten myself, because I can transfer gluten easily via my skin, clothes, and mouth after I indulge.

So fast-forward to the idea of spending four months trying to live gluten-free in a rented space in a foreign country where we do not even speak the language. It took a lot of trial and error, careful reading and translating, and a lot of planning.  It was also completely worth it!  Hopefully, some of what I learned will help you plan a trip to Norway, even if you’re not staying quite as long.

Part 1: Finding a Place to Stay


Part 2: Packing


Part 3: The First Day



Part 4: Daily Grocery Shopping


Part 5: A (cheap) Chocolate Tour